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    I grew up in Detroit. When I was 12, I was asleep one night, and during a dream, I heard some squeaking. Then I felt something little and fast run down my leg. It was a mouse in my bed! I immediately woke up, and started to jump up and down on my bed. This was my first rodent control method. A few days later, my dog, Rex, cornered and caught the mouse. It was only one mouse, but this meant war.

     Now I was curious as to various control methods. I went down to the hardware store and bought a few mouse traps, and 1 rat trap. I set that in the garage, and even though we didn't have any rats, I was intrigued by the power of the trap. It was small, but dangerous. Right up my alley.

    Was pest control my calling? I have to say it was! But Detroit was too cold, so in May 1970, I moved in with my cousin in Miami, FL, and was soon employed at Truly Nolen Pest Control. I was a quick study, efficient, and the customers liked me. But, Florida was too humid for me. In 1972, I moved to Sherman Oaks. I soon passed my CA Structural Pest Control Field Representative license, and worked at various companies, gaining a lot of experience along the way. I obtained my CA SPC Operator's license (the highest) in 1982. In 1998, I bought out Katz Pest Control from Mr Paul Katz, who was retiring.

    I provide personalized, professional pest management services for select clientele. The big companies have customers. I have clients who know me, trust me and my expertise in this specialized field. I am fully licensed, insured, and bonded. I do all the work myself.

    My job is to solve and prevent pest problems in structures. If we do business, you will get my full attention while I am at your property, and I will use my vast experience and knowledge to hopefully make your home life a little more pleasant. I still have room for a few more clients.

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