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   I offer personalized, professional pest management services for my clients' residential and commercial properties. Remember, prevention is easier than cure. I have many clients who prefer a monthly maintenance service. I also offer bi-monthly or quarterly service. Some folks have me come out just once or twice a year. Whatever your needs, I can offer the service you want.

   If you just want a one-time service to handle your immediate problem, I can help you.

   If you are having a rodent problem, you've found the right guy. Rodent exclusion is my specialty, and I've solved thousands of rodent problems over the years. I'll be glad to inspect your property and give you my opinion on the best method of control, and an estimate. Or if you are a do-it-your-selfer, my consultation fee is reasonable.

   Note: I do not do termite control. I don't do honey bee jobs either...since I am allergic to bee venom. I can refer you to others who are specialists though.

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