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  Rats are perhaps the most disturbing pest you can have in your house. You may hear noises in the attic or walls at night. Worse yet, you may find food eaten into (gasp), food packages shredded, and rat droppings in your kitchen. At this point, you realize that you need  professional help.

  Roof rats (the most common species in our area) are excellent climbers, and are very smart. Their intelligence has been placed above dogs and cats, but below dolphins and monkeys. It is estimated that there are at least as many rats in LA county, as there are just don't see them. At any rate, if you have rats, you have a formidable opponent on your hands. It takes expertise to find and seal their entry points, and initiate a successful trapping program. No, rats cannot be reasoned with, or live trapped.

  Perhaps you've heard the story about the famous producer who finally sold his 15,000 sq ft mansion, due to a rat infestation that nobody could solve. I was not involved, but there is no reason to doubt the story. The house had a Spanish barrel tile roof...and these are notorious for causing ongoing rat problems. Due to the fragile nature of the tiles (which prevent inspection and repairs), inaccessibility, and numerous entry points that rats can find and use, the hopes of exclusion and elimination seem far fetched, unreasonable, and simply not feasible. Control is still possible though.

  The good news is, if you have any other kind of roof, I can likely solve your rat problem. There are plenty of homes that I worked on in the 1970's, that are still rat-less. Give me a call and we'll make an appointment.

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